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Why People Choose Goodyear or Michelin Instead of Cheap and Durable China Tires

When it comes to the complex parts of the car, in addition to the engine, chassis and gearbox, the most important thing is definitely the car tires. The importance of car tires must be said. As the only grounding surface of the car, the tire plays an important role in supporting and balancing, as well as providing friction and pushing the car forward. A good tire is definitely a must-have for safe driving. If the tire has any quality problems, it will pose a safety hazard to the car.

Many car owners are also quite concerned about the tires, and they also have a lot of experience in selecting tires. However, compared with the domestic tires with high cost performance, there are still many owners who are willing to choose imported tires, such as Michelin, and durable Goodyear. So why is this?

It is also very simple to understand, the first is the psychological role. In the perception of many car owners, the use of domestic products still needs to think twice. A large number of car owners believe that these tires, like cars, are not as technically imported as tires. Because everyone wants to use their best car, so they will subconsciously choose some imported tires, instead of considering relatively cheap domestic tires.

Secondly, if the quality of these domestic tires is not good and the quality of imported tires is good, then what is domestic tires? What is imported tires? This is indeed the case. In fact, whether imported or not, domestically produced or not, is only the source of the brand. As for the source of the product, with the development of economic globalization, it has become more and more different. Many of the "imported tires" are now only imported from the brand, while the production lines are mostly in China. That is to say, a large part of the "imported tires" we use is actually completed by domestic processing and production. In general, there are no points for imported tires and domestic tires.

The development of economic globalization is an inevitable trend in the industry, but in many people's perceptions, the relationship between brands and production lines is still very old. In fact, from the brand reputation and production technology of the tires, the brand and the brand are now no different from you and me. Moreover, the technical content of the tire is relatively simple compared to the whole car. Today's domestic tires have been done very well enough to make the owners trust. People's trust in imported tires is mostly due to the trust in the old word of mouth. In fact, these imported tires are not necessarily imported.

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