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Top 75 of 2019 Global Tire Enterprise

On September 2nd, the US "Tire business" released the top 19 list of 2019 global tire companies.

The list shows that the global tire head business rankings have not changed much, and the world tire pattern is basically stable. However, affected by the market, the downstream enterprises on the list have changed dramatically.

The top 10 rankings are only one change

According to Tire World Network, the list of the top 75 released this time is ranked according to the tire sales of the company in 2018.

Ranked in the top 10 list, followed by Bridgestone, Michelin, Goodyear, German Horse, Sumitomo Rubber, Pirelli, Hankook Tire, Yokohama, Zhongce Rubber, and Zhengxin Rubber.

Compared to last year, there was a change in the top 10 rankings this year.

Zhongce Rubber, which was ranked 10th, was ranked 9th with a slight advantage over Zhengxin.

China's 34 tire companies on the list

According to statistics, 34 of the 75 tire companies in this list are from China.

Among them, there are 4 mainland Chinese companies among the top 20.

They are: Zhongce Rubber, Linglong Group, Racing Wheel Tire, Hengfeng Rubber.

Huasheng Rubber is the newest company, ranking 42nd with sales of US$586.1 million.

The number of countries ranked second in the list of companies is India, and seven companies were selected.

Frequent changes in the downstream of the list

It is reported that including Huasheng Rubber, there are 7 new companies listed this year.

They are: Huasheng Rubber (China), VEE Rubber (Thailand), Magna (Netherlands), Service (Pakistan), General Tire Rubber (Pakistan), Huafeng Rubber (Thailand), Inoue Rubber (Thailand).

Most of the tire companies that have fallen this year are from Shandong, China.

The companies that are not on the list are: Shandong Shengtai, Shandong Yongtai, Shandong Taishan, Shandong Yongsheng, Shandong Sangong, Canada camso and Iran Bariz.

It is understood that this is the biggest change in the list in recent years.


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