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Smart tires are unstoppable. GM shares lead the industry to change and develop.

What is a smart tire? A smart tire is an intelligent tire in which sensors and chips are embedded in a tire. As the future development trend of the tire industry, although smart tires are popular, it is difficult to achieve, mainly due to limitations in related materials, manufacturing technology, sensor and chip technology, experimental testing technology and intelligent application. How to overcome its technical difficulties and become a problem that needs to be solved urgently from concept to reality.

Recently, as one of the key technologies of smart tires, RFID tires have once again made a breakthrough. The Jiangsu Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology organized an expert group to hold a new technology appraisal meeting for “built-in implantable high-performance RFID tires” developed by Jiangsu General Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as GM) in Wuxi, Jiangsu.

At the meeting, the appraisal committee heard reports from the heads of the general share project on technical summary, trial summary, etc., reviewed the new report, test report and other information, and reviewed the production site. In view of the doubts and difficulties in the project development process, the two sides conducted in-depth exchanges. The appraisal committee unanimously agreed that the indicators of “built-in implantable high-performance RFID tires” meet the requirements of relevant standards, the technical level of the project has reached the domestic leading level, has good economic and social benefits, and has broad market prospects. And it is recommended to speed up the application and promotion of products.

Consumers are increasingly demanding the safe use of tires after leaving the factory. However, the tire traceability marks currently used in the tire market generally use the "barcode + sidewall information" form to store various types of tire information, not only the amount of information is limited, but also the position is Carcass surface. Once this information is invisible with the wear of the tire, it means that the tire model, pattern, diameter and other information cannot be identified, which makes it difficult to use, inquire, and maintain the tire.

It is reported that in order to solve the problems in the tracing process of bar code, GM shares started the research and development of new high-performance RFID tire technology in 2016. In fact, RFID has been widely used in many fields, but the application of RFID technology to tires is a formidable challenge. Due to the special processing technology and structural structure of all-steel radial truck tires, the performance and quality requirements for implanted RFID tags are also different from those of ordinary products. From the perspective of safety, such as the electronic label and the tire must form a whole, no bubble and delamination will affect the quality of the tire; from the reliability of the label, the high temperature and high pressure in the all-steel radial tire vulcanization process lasts for more than 1 hour, The high temperature performance of RFID tags puts forward nearly stringent requirements; more importantly, from practical applications, all-steel radial tires are subjected to heavy-duty driving, and RFID tags are subject to tensile, flexural deformation, operating frequency and power. Interference, how to meet the reading and writing distance and anti-interference is a severe test.

After many trials, GM shares successfully broke through the key technical problems of RFID technology applied in tires. Compared with domestic similar products, GM's “built-in implantable high-performance RFID tires” have farther read and write distances than electronic labels. Several times the standard, the safety performance is better, to meet the customer's demand for intelligent tires.

GM's "built-in implantable high-performance RFID tires" through the collection terminal to read the corresponding information, combined with supporting management software, to achieve effective record of tire production - storage - sales - use - refurbishment - scrap and other tire life cycle data and Tracing back, each tire will have exclusive archive data, tire management becomes information and transparency, realizes the intelligent management of the whole life cycle of the tire, and makes the smart tire from concept to reality, creating a brand new for the tire production and use process. Management mode.

With the advent of the 5G era, the architecture of multi-network access and convergence and multi-channel Internet access built by the Internet of Vehicles has brought historic opportunities for the development of related industries. In the first half of 2019, GM invested 30 million yuan in the participation of car networking companies for forward-looking layout. It is believed that in the future, RFID smart tire technology will help smart transportation and upgrade the industry in the fields of development and application of big data in the automotive aftermarket, precision services of automobile manufacturers and end users.

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